AN ARCHITECT VISION - 24th February 2007




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I had been there 18 year earlier in 1988, along with my backpack and European rail card

In fact the project had begun in 1881, 125 years ago by a Spanish Architect!

It is a temple like no other, like a scene from “Lord of the Rings” remarkable in design and scale.

I was once again in Barcelona this time with a suitcase and a decent hotel room  


When suddenly thoughts about my superb lunch plunged dramatically out of my head

I stared at “The Temple of the Sagrada Familia” designed and part built by Gaudi  

Gaudi didn’t have detailed plans for the whole temple but instead had a vision

Standing in the middle of the temple, which oddly had been grass during my last visit and was now a major construction site  

I wondered about Gaudi’s vision and passion to embark and remain focused on such an enormous project

A project, which he spent 34 years of his life on

A project that even with such devotion he had only been able to complete a fraction of his final vision during his life, the front wall.

But Gaudi had a vision, a vision that he had absolute clarity about and even though he died 80 years ago his vision is still clear

As the temple takes form the rate of building has increased ten fold from that of my previous visit.


So later over Sangria and tapas I wondered what I could take from this experience.

One message resounded for me; lots of us have visions and passion

But a vision that inspires ourselves, and others can build remarkable results.


So I thought what are my visions for home & work, do they inspire me, do others know what they are?

And are my current goals completely lined up with my overall vision, probable not!


Till next week be successful in everything you do




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