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Dave Gardner  

I started life being fascinated with how things work. This led me towards science at school and university and I finally graduated as an engineer from Warwick University in England in 1992. As my curiosity increased it occurred to me that the most remarkable machines of all were people. Yet there is no instruction manual for us to read. We must simply play around with the controls and see what happens. But isn't it amazing when someone manages to get the order just right and wouldn't it be great if we knew which buttons we needed to press to get the result we wanted, hence I became interested in what drives and motivates people (including myself). With this I began to search for as much insight as I could from famous authors like Brain Tracy, Steven Covey, Jim Collins, Abraham Maslow and Peter Thompson to name just a few. Trying to understand, if only a little, about people who have managed to find those great button of success, people like Branson and Roosevelt, the Ferrari's of the human machine.

I do not claim to be an academic expert like the authors I mentioned. But I'm a business and home practitioner who's attempts to apply the insights we will discover here together.

I am married to Louise who gives me so much support. I also have two great kids and live in a little village called Pleshey in England.

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