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THIS WEEKS THOUGHT -  The Meaning of Life - 24th of March 2007

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It was a grey day in the forest and Katherine my 4-year-old daughter was flying down the hill on her bicycle. She tried to slow down using her feet so I shout after her



“Use the brakes Katherine"


Now this wasn’t the first time I had shouted this comment but now for the first time her little fingers reached out onto the brake and she squeezed them with all her might and the bike came to a stop.


At the same moment the sun sprung out from behind the clouds, the forest lit up and the birds began to sing

I commented to Katherine how impressed I was that she had used the brakes


She grinned from ear to ear and then cycled on through the forest applying her brakes every few seconds. There was no formal celebration, she hadn’t reached some big milestone, but I smiled contentedly recognising that it is these moments that make life so enjoyable.

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So I pondered do I miss these moments in other aspects of my life.

Indeed how many milestones within projects, activities, with friends or family do I fail to noticed?


The question I was asking myself wasn’t "do I celebrate my milestones?" but it was

“do I notice them?”


My honest answer is that I often do fail to notice milestones.

Because there is always the next milestone that needs to be achieved.


But with Katherine had I focused on just the final milestone -of her riding a bicycle without stabilisers- I would have missed that wonderful moment, and can't the same be said for all the milestones at home and work!


So if I constantly fail to notice my milestones, then maybe I’ll be missing what life’s all about.


Enjoy all your successes, till next week