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Three Men and a Boat - 15th April 2007

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Well as some of you will know I spent my weekend rowing down the Thames in a Skiff,
If youíve seen the TV program ď3 men in a boatĒ itís true that the boats really arenít very big!!!

As you can imagine there is not much to do in a skiff but row, chat and think.
By the end of the trip I had hundreds of ideas about what to write about
But then I realised it was the fact I had had hundreds of thoughts that was the most interesting observation

Yes not a few thoughts but hundreds
Not thoughts that I have every day, but different stuff.
Yes stuff I was never going to think about in the normal chaos of my life.

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Yes I had some thoughts about solutions to problems like I have all the time.
But more interestingly I had thoughts about, what was important and what I want from life.
Or in work speak, thoughts about what my objectives and goals should be

So I did some research and found
That you have a different thought every 11 seconds and most of these are to solve immediate problems.

So I guess its not surprising that I forget to think about what my goals and objectives are

So here my thought,  if youíre like me youíve kind of forgotten it, even though you know how good an idea it is.

Take time every week to think!
Yes take 15 to 30 minutes every week to think.
Not about how to get over those obstacles in projects or with people
But to think about what your goals and objectives are

Not the ones other people have set you but your goals and objectives

Why do you have them?

How are you going to achieve them?

So Iím off to put 30 minutes thinking time into my calendar and I reckon its worth it weight in gold and I'm going to give myself a treat every time I do it.

Till next week, have some great thoughts about how to reach your goals.

Regards David G


If you want to read the book of 3 men in a boat you can find it from Amazon here. If you want to know where to hire a skiff then send me a email and I'll forward you some details.