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Noughts and Crosses 17th June 2007

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Well I read loads of great stuff whilst on vacation, however this weeks thought is based on an interesting experience I had on the beach.


I was playing on the beach with Katherine my 4 year old daughter. After building a few sand castles and digging a few holes we progressed to drawing a noughts and crosses board on the sand. After explaining the rules to Katherine we set about playing and of course I set about intentionally losing some games and winning others. It is a fascinating game because with two in-experienced players there can be a winner, but once the players become competent, of course it is impossible for anyone to win.


Of course there are some activities like job interviews were there needs to be a single winner.


But I wondered are there activities that I still act like the inexperienced player even though I'm not

Activities I'm trying to win when in fact there can no longer be a winner.

Should I adopt Stephen Coveys philosophy of win / win or no deal more often than I do.


My answer of course is "Yes"


But I reflected back to noughts and crosses on the beach, and realised that the decision to intentional lose a few and win a few created a highly enjoyable afternoon where for a time I was at one with my daughter. In my book a win / win.


So perhaps like you I already understand this philosophy,

But if I applied this to more relations and circumstances, wouldn't it create more wonderful moments, great results and closer relationships.


Till next week, enjoy the fun and games of life


Regards David G