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THIS WEEKS THOUGHT - Everyone, Someone, Anyone and Noone- 20th May 2007

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Well last weeks thought was about Mori's twelve questions to high performance, and I thought it was particularly interesting that the word "Someone" was so prevalent. This reminded me of a little story about 4 people called Everyone, Someone, Anyone and Noone . There are loads of versions on the web but here's mine.

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There were once four members of a project team:

Everyone, Someone, Anyone and Noone.

Like all projects there were lots of important tasks to do,

Everyone was really busy and was sure that Someone had more time to do most of these tasks,

Someone thought that Anyone could do them,

However Noone was the only one who remembered to do the tasks that Anyone could do.

In the end Someone was angry because she was convinced that these were tasks that Everyone was meant to do and

Everyone was angry at Someone because Noone did what Anyone could've done!

Till next week, be someone

Regards David G