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A Tale of Two Frogs

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Have you ever felt like the world's against you? Your luck seems to slide away!

Well here's a little story* which helps me through those moments and believe me I have plenty of them!

There were two frogs Positive Peter and Negative Neil hopping around a farm when they came to a large churn of milk


They couldn't believe their luck , there was so much milk and it looked so fresh and creamy 


Without hesitation they dived straight in and started drinking 

After a little while their bellies began to fill up and slowly a terrible realisation struck them


"How are we going to get out?" said Negative Neil

"I don't know " said Positive Peter "but just keep swimming and we will figure something out"

They swum round and round and Negative Neil kept saying  " we're doomed "

But Positive Peter said  " Don't worry keep swimming we'll figure something out , we always do"  


But Negative Neil plunged deeper and deeper into despair and finally he said "its no good we're not going to make it"

Negative Neil rolled over, sunk beneath the milk and drowned

Positive Peter battled through this moment of despair and forced himself to keep thinking 

"Just keep swimming  Peter, I'll think of something , I always do" 


Round and round he went unable to think of a solution, but believing he would find one

Slowly but surely the milk began to curdle as it went round and round the milk churn

After what seemed like a life time the milk thickened and finally turned into butter


Finally Positive Peter sat on top of the butter

Bathing in the sun, banqueting on the flies which were feasting on the butter,

Resting and happy, but wondering why Neil had given up so easily

Finally Positive Peter jump from the butter and hopped back home.


David Gardner

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