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First Impressions in 30s or Less - 1st July 2007

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Weve all been single and hence tried to chat people up

However my line of Hi Im Mr Right I believe you were looking for me
Didn't seem to give a very good first impression and certainly wasn't very successful


If you remember the old Indian elephant story its amazing the different perspectives people can get of us

So I decide to investigate how long we have to make a first impression.


My web research concluded that that common view is that it takes between 7 and 30 seconds for people to make a first impression.
I was amazed at how little time that is! and so I searched Google to find how to make a good first impression and I found over 29 million articles on Google on how to make a good first impressions.

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 Recommended Books

 Good to Great - Jim Collins 
  7 Habits - Stephen Covey
  Discover you Strengths - M Buckingham 
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  Brilliant Memory - Dominic O'Brien
  Think & Grow Rich -  Napoleon Hill 
  Freakonomics - Stephen Levitt
 Getting Things Done - David Allen
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Other books and CDs I've mentioned can be found here

There are loads of great audio programs at Nightingale Conant's ,web site here,

But if your like me, the first 30 seconds don't always seem to workout that well, such as my old chat up line, so I wondered if the first 30 seconds go wrong how do you change that first impressions.

So I went back to Google and I searched and searched but surprisingly I couldn't find any articles on how to change a first impression

So there appears to be no quick wins or simple tips on how to change a first impression.

But looking at a few of the 29 million articles on how to make a good first impression, the advice all boils down to
How you look, listen, sound, and the words you use.

So with a little thought and preparation maybe its not that difficult to get that first 30 seconds right and the effort, time and complexity is a lot less than correcting that initial impression later.

In addition according to many of the articles I read first impressions don't just apply to face to face meetings, they apply to everything; including emails, phone calls, presentations and reports

For all these areas you still only have 30 seconds to make that first impression.

So next time I meet someone new, or make that phone call, or do a presentation
Ill be thinking, how do I make that right impression in 30 seconds or less!

And if was single again then maybe I'd have better luck chatting people up than I used to


Till next week make some great impressions

David Gardner