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 Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
 Good to Great - Jim Collins
 Discover Your Strengths - M Buckingham
 7 Habits of Highly Effective- Stephen Covey
 Rich Dads Secrets - Robert Kiyosaki
 Maverick Mindset - John Elliot
 Vocal Power - Roger Love
 Quantum Memory - Dominic O'Brien
 Getting Things Done - David Allen
A Short History of Nearly Everything- B Bryson

 Psychology of Achievement - Brian Tracy


 Acres of Diamonds


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blood diamondsThis is a great story that Brian Tracy pointed me towards. The story was first told a hundred years ago but is still as meaningful today as it ever was. So here goes

"There was an old African farmer who had done very well in life, one day he became very excited on hearing that a number of people had gone off in search of diamond mines; and on finding one they had became fabulously rich. So he decided to crown his life by going off in search of a Diamond mine and become fabulously rich.

He searched the huge African continent for 13 years but finally broken, alone, sick and tired he threw himself into the ocean and drowned.

Mean while back at his old farm the new farmer one day was out watering a mule in a stream and he found a rock which threw off light in a remarkable fashion. He took the rock to a friend who took him to an expert. This expert identified it as a diamond of immeasurable value. The expert asked “where did you find this” So the farmer took him to where he had found it and low and behold he found another, and then another and then another.  Soon he realised that the whole farm was literally covered in acres of diamonds.

The old farmer had gone off looking for diamonds somewhere else without ever looking under his own feet. The reason he didn’t realise that there were diamonds literally under his feet is because diamonds don’t look like diamonds in there rough form, indeed they just look like rough rock, burnt fragments and chapped remnants of coal. Indeed for diamonds to become diamonds as we know it they must be cut shaped and polished"

Now isn't this so true of the way we all think. Not recognising our strengths because they are not yet polished. looking to achieve success by doing something completely different, whilst failing to looking under our own feet for the building blocks for our future successes, in every aspect of our lives e.g. in our jobs, friendships, wealth building, careers and the relationships we have

So enjoy looking for, shaping and polishing your rough diamonds, till next week

Thanks for listening

David Gardner


 Recommended Books

  Good to Great - Jim Collins 
  7 Habits - Stephen Covey
  The Automatic Millionaire -David Bach
  Discover you Strengths - M Buckingham 
  Richard Branson's Auto biography
  Brilliant Memory - Dominic O'Brien
  Think & Grow Rich -  Napoleon Hill 
  Freakonomics - Stephen Levitt
 Getting Things Done - David Allen
 The Machine That Changed the World
 Watching the English - Kate Fox
A Short History of Nearly Everything- B Bryson


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