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 Throw Out Your Rule Book


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rule bookWell I was reading though Ricardo Semler's book Maverick. Which describes how he made one of the most remarkable and some would argue the most progressive company in the world.


Now there is loads of great thoughts in this book for anyone who is trying to lead or manage people at work. But when Ricardo got onto his view on rules I was fascinated. Now he was talking about business but I thought that it was as relevant for individuals as it was for business.


So here's my translation (for individuals) based on what he said about business


1) Rules divert attention from your objectives

2) They provide a false sense of security

3) They create work for bean counters

4) They teach men to stone dinosaurs and start fires with sticks

5) The desire for rules and the need for creative innovation is incompatible


So I thought lets try this out, so I ran through the five points for the following subjects

the speed I drive, the hours I work and who does what jobs at home.

It was an interesting and enlightening activity which I for one will be trying to apply to more of the rules I set.


My conclusion was that some rules are necessary,

However for the rules I have consciously or unconsciously chosen to set, maybe some of these are holding me back rather than taking me forward.

Till next week enjoy tearing out some pages from your rule book

Thanks for listening

David Gardner


 Recommended Books

  Good to Great - Jim Collins 
  7 Habits - Stephen Covey
  The Automatic Millionaire -David Bach
  Discover you Strengths - M Buckingham 
  Richard Branson's Auto biography
  Brilliant Memory - Dominic O'Brien
  Think & Grow Rich -  Napoleon Hill 
  Freakonomics - Stephen Levitt
 Getting Things Done - David Allen
 The Machine That Changed the World
 Watching the English - Kate Fox
A Short History of Nearly Everything- B Bryson


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