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Less Stress and More Time (The Two Minute Rule)


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time managementI poured a cup of coffee, turned on my laptop and prepared myself for hundreds of unread emails. Like so many people at this time of year I had just arrived back into the office after a relaxing holiday!

However thanks to a little tip I heard from Dave Allen author of Getting Things Done: The relaxed feeling I had from my holiday didn't disappear in the flood of email that followed

The secret is called “The Two Minute Rule”,

The two minute rule is very simple. if you have an email or an action that takes less than two minutes, and you decide its worth doing then its more efficient to do it right there and then. Yes, It actually takes more time to put it on your to do list, file it, then recall it later, than if you'd just done it in the first place. The same applies for verbal and meeting actions as well as emails.

The first time I tried it I was absolutely amazing how quickly 95% of my actions disappeared. The secret is that the rule forces you right there and then to answer the question "What am I going to do with this is new input, is it reference material, an action or rubbish?". On this occasion I processed two hundred and fifty emails down to twelve and completed about 50 actions in just over three hours. Not filed but 238 open loops effective closed with all the stress that goes with them. ..

But here the flip side. If an action takes more than two minutes, I don't do it straight away.



Because if you extend the two minute rule, then you don't know whether you should be completing this action, or whether the action in the next email is really more important?. In my example it would have taken me more than 16 hours to get to the bottom of the list if I had done every action in turn.


Therefore with items that take more than two minutes I park them on my to do list and then when I have some discretionary time I go back and complete them in the right order of prioritisation.


The added bonus is that you wont be feeling guilty about the things you haven't done because you've parked then on a list which you will do in order of priority.


if you want just one tip for time management then the two minute rule is the one that can change your life.

If you don't believe me then just try it once and I guarantee you'll change your mind


Till next week

Be efficient with your time, so you have more time doing the things you want to.


Thanks for listening

David Gardner


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getting things done

  Good to Great - Jim Collins 
  7 Habits - Stephen Covey
  The Automatic Millionaire -David Bach
  Discover you Strengths - M Buckingham 
  Richard Branson's Auto biography
  Brilliant Memory - Dominic O'Brien
  Think & Grow Rich -  Napoleon Hill 
  Freakonomics - Stephen Levitt
 Getting Things Done - David Allen
 The Machine That Changed the World
 Watching the English - Kate Fox
A Short History of Nearly Everything- B Bryson


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