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Back to the Future - 29th July 2007

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Well I always been into Science fictions so when Graham Dale, a friend and colleague mentioned he'd been to a talk by Rohit Talwar a professional futurist and leading expert (appearing on the BBC and CNBC etc) my interest was gained. Futurist are people who try and predict the future so that governments, companies and even you and me can make better informed decisions.

Here are a few of his insights (with a little bit of research from me) which grabbed my imagination

Scientist are well on the way to creating brain machine interfaces (BMI) which will not only help to cure paralysis but soon will allow people to link to the internet by thought alone. In addition virtual worlds are springing up with second life an online world having 3.2 million users with the first millionaire (in real money) being a designing (not a programmer) of people's virtual houses. People are already living, working and learning in virtual worlds.

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In India and China there are already two billion people and every year due to their population growth these two countries need to find jobs for 50 million extra adults. To do this they are already breaking the historic rules with India developing high tech jobs and Dongtan in China becoming the world’s first sustainable, eco-friendly city built from scratch. In addition because of their scale they are breaking the rules with who and how they trade. But other regions are changing  to. The Middle East is expecting to have $3.2 trillion dollars invested in it economy by 2020. With so many changes (these just a few) the current balance of power and wealth is likely to change beyond recognition from what we know today.

As for population in the UK the over 80’s and over 100’s are the fastest growing demographic group with and scientists predicting that many of us will live till are 150 or even 200 years old. In fact due to the pace of further understanding of the ageing gene some scientists believe that the first person to live to 1000 years old is already alive today.

With the world changing so dramatically I wonder if I notice these changes and do I change my behaviours and decisions at the same pace?

No, because its hard to change your behaviours and decisions at the same pace of change 

But if we could what untapped opportunities are out there.

Till next week, keep up with the pace of change

David Gardner