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Bad Driver - 5th August 2007

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With a rush of adrenalin I slammed my foot to the floor. The car shuddered as the ABS kicked in and I wondered for what seemed like an eternity whether the car coming towards me would stop in time.


A few minutes earlier I had finished my porridge, read a book to the kids, picked up my organiser and contemplated my busy schedule for the day. With a sudden enthusiasm to get started I jumped into the car and headed off to the office.

I was driving down a single lane road and as I came round a bend I saw car some way off coming towards me. I missed a passing place and focused on getting as far down the road as possible, as more frequently as not the driver coming in the opposite direction was thinking likewise!


We both realised, at the same moment, that if we did nothing the inevitable was about to happen, and we slammed on our brakes. Fortunately we stopped with plenty of room to spare

Then like a shoot out, at the Ok Corral, we both waited to see who would reverse,

Finally I slipped the car into reverse and backed the 30m to the passing place, before finally getting back on my way


Of course had I pulled into the passing place to begin with, I would have reached my destination a lot quicker.

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Now I'm sure that you've all have all a similar experiences.


But during the rest of my journey I wondered

How many others areas of my life, if I looked out for passing places, which we could translated to opportunities, shortcuts or taking the time to plan, and focused on the final destination (or bigger picture) rather than the next target, I'd end up with a quicker and better result.


What about you?

Till next week


David Gardner