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 Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
 Good to Great - Jim Collins
 Discover Your Strengths - M Buckingham
 7 Habits of Highly Effective- Stephen Covey
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 The Road is better than the Inn

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The road is better than the inn

It was a Friday morning as I flicked on my laptop at work, it was a quite day so I set about reading through my emails when I came across an email from my Dad.

Now I've had thousands of emails from my dad, but this one was very different, this is part of what it said

"Achieving great success is a pretty ephemeral pleasure for most of us - the pleasure tends to be short lived, even if you're David Beckham or Albert Einstein, but there are other things more eternal and more meaningful, and these are open to all of us.

So I wondered, how often to I dream of achieving a goal or even doing something like taking a quite beach holiday, but when I get there I don't really enjoy or appreciate it as much as I thought I would. Suddenly I miss the kids or I miss that feeling of achieving something, or simple I just focus on what's next.

As Miguel De Cervantes who wrote in the 1500's "The road is better than the Inn", but perhaps although I believe this, sometimes I don't stop to look around at the spot on the road I'm on.

So lets not dream of rose gardens at the expense of forgetting to look out at our own gardens

Till next week enjoy yourself, not later in the day, or tomorrow or next week, but now

Thanks for listening

David Gardner


 Recommended Books

  Good to Great - Jim Collins 
  7 Habits - Stephen Covey
  The Automatic Millionaire -David Bach
  Discover you Strengths - M Buckingham 
  Richard Branson's Auto biography
  Brilliant Memory - Dominic O'Brien
  Think & Grow Rich -  Napoleon Hill 
  Freakonomics - Stephen Levitt
 Getting Things Done - David Allen
 The Machine That Changed the World
 Watching the English - Kate Fox
A Short History of Nearly Everything- B Bryson


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