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THIS WEEKS THOUGHT   A Two Year Old called "NO"  - 16th September 2007

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weeds flower garden


After some research on the BBC website I found that positive thinkers live an average of 7.5 years longer than their negative counterparts. That was the verdict of a long and expensive research study carried out by the University of Yale.

That's more than double the impact of not smoking, exercise and weight loss. Wow!


But what is positive thinking


If it looks like itís going to rain, counting on it not raining is stupid, right?


However, ďGreat the garden needs watering and if it rains it will save me time and water which costs me moneyĒ is probable more like it?


So how are we brought up to be positive thinkers?


The University of Iowa did a study of two year old children. What they did is they followed them around all day counting every positive comment and every negative comment said to the child.


Can you guess what the outcome was?


There was an average of 432 negative to 31 positives comments or a ratio of 14 to 1.

Apparently one kid actual thought his name was "No"

Now being a parent of a two year old I can understand this.

After all Iím just trying to stop my kids killing themselves or destroying our house!

But it doesnít change the fact that as children were indoctrinated to think negatively from birth: 14 negatives to every positive is the average natural base, So if we donít purposefully think positively then we default to negative thinking.


So when Brian Tracy (a 20 million book author) commented (paraphrased) that: ďYour mind is like a garden, itís either full of flowers or weeds, and if you donít deliberately and purposely plant flowers, weeds will grow because they donít need any fertilisersĒ,   For me, for the first time these two bits of information came crashing together.


So Iím off to start planting positive flowers in my brain. That way I'll have a happier more successful life and maybe live a few years longer in the bargain.


Till next week be happy in what you do


David Gardner

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