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THIS WEEKS THOUGHT   Talk with Relevance - Week 30

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I was in a magnificent hall, sitting where others had sat for over 500 years. It was a place of great religious importance once ravaged by the black death but now vibrant with youthful life. I was in the Upper Hall of Jesus College Cambridge tucking into a feast of stuffed saddle of lamb washed down with a large glass of red wine which was full of depth and intensity. Like many events there were lots of reasons why people had come on this day to this great place, and I found myself looking around at people, and imagined their reasons for being here.

The president tapped the glass and silence fell upon the room

Confidently the speaker began. He was a man of great passion and knowledge and for a moment he command all our thoughts

But it was a mixed audience, some listeners shared his passion on the subject and other did not.


I looked round the room, and saw eyes beginning to glaze, then that frightened look began to appear on peoples faces

You know the look created by the thought "I'm board, I can't keep my yes open, keep awake, keep awake, help I'm not going to make it"

Finally 30 minutes later the speaker finished and the audience clapped

Some clapped in admiration, other because of etiquette or relief and some even clapped as a recognition of their own success for staying awake.

It was a well structured, passionate and informed talk and for some it was perfect.

For others they were the right audience at the wrong time and for others it simply carried little relevance


It is of course not a unique story 

We have all sat and listened to others as they talk about things they find interesting or important, but which we find uninteresting or irrelevant . 

Not just in speeches and lectures but in the conversations we have every day. 

Of course we're all culprits frequently subjecting others to our conversation and speeches with little thought about whether they will find these words interesting or relevant. So maybe rather than talking from our own agendas so much, we should think a little more about what is relevant to the audience or group we're with.


Then the words and comments we utter, may have more purpose in this inspirational world that we live in.


Till next week talk with relevance.


David Gardner

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