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THIS WEEKS THOUGHT   Dutch Courage - Week 31

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I had glanced down at the newspaper it was a moment where the world stops and thoughts wander. I was on holiday, sipping coffee and reading my newspaper whilst marvelling the tranquil forest around me.


Suddenly a comment jumped out of the paper and hit me in the face.

The comment was "Dutch Courage".


Its is a fascinating phrase, which originated during the bubonic plague of London, way back in 1665


The city was sealed off to avoid contamination and hence starvation became prevalent.

The only people willing to trade with London were the Dutch Sailors

The locals leaving money on the end of the jetties and the Dutch sailors braving the plague replacing the money with food.

Because of these sailors tens or even hundreds of thousand of people were saved from starvation


Interestingly the Dutch sailors ploughed themselves with liquor before the perilous drop as they believed that this would protect them from the plague as well as serving to steadying their nerves a little!


So the phrase "Dutch courage" was born.


Interestingly the Dutch still have the freedom of the river Thames, which was granted as a reward for their courage and kindness during the great plague by the mayor 340 years ago.


What a great story with loads to think about.

But out of all my thoughts the one thing that really struck me was:


If you help people there is no telling how long they will remember


Be kind to others and have a great week


David Gardner

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