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The Fox and the Hedgehog - WEEK 39

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       fox                              hedgehog


Stories relating to "the fox and the hedgehog" have been going on for almost three millennium, the furthest back I can find was in 600BC by Greek Poet Archilochus. There are literally hundreds of different versions including one found in the famous Aesop Fables. The first version I encounter was written by Jim Collins author of the excellent book "Good to Great".

So I decided to pull some of the best bits from the text written by Jim Collins and Jacobs together.

So here goes

The fox is a cunning creature day in and day out, the fox circles around the hedgehog’s den, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. Fast, sleek, beautiful, fleet of foot, and crafty. Surely it is only a matter of time before the fox triumphs over the dowdier hedgehog.

The fox waits in cunning silence. The hedgehog, minding his own business, wanders right into the path of the fox. “Aha, I’ve got you now!” thinks the fox. He leaps out, bounding across the ground, lightning fast. The little hedgehog, sensing danger, looks up and thinks, “Here we go again.?” Rolling up into a perfect little ball, the hedgehog becomes a sphere of sharp spikes, pointing outward in all directions. The fox, bounding toward his prey, sees the hedgehog defence and calls off the attack. Retreating back to the forest, the fox begins to calculate a new line of attack.

After a few weeks of this escapade the fox hears the cry of a pack of hounds coming towards him.. The Fox plans his escape, but then thinks of another better plan, a few moments later another plan, as the hounds come nearer and nearer. Finally as the fox becomes more confused over his possible options the hounds approach, until its to late and he is caught and killed by the hounds.

The Hedgehog unperturbed continues happily and on his way.

I'm sure you've got lots of thoughts about this story but here's mine,

Have a single strategy for whatever your trying do and stay focused on it

Till next week stay focused

David Gardner


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